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The End Grain Walnut Butcher Block Countertop by Armani Fine Woodworking: What happens when you combine the highest quality, sustainably sourced Walnut hardwood lumber with impeccable craftsmanship? You get our End Grain Walnut Butcher Block Kitchen Island Countertop. It's and end grain Walnut wood countertop with elegance and chef-friendly durability. Both culinarians and frequent hosts alike will enjoy the functional capabilities as well as the visual appeal of an Armani Fine Woodworking end grain butcher block countertop.

High Quality: Whether it’s choosing the optimal lumber or customizing your countertop to your liking, we focus on quality from end to end. That’s why our End Grain Walnut Butcher Block Countertop features premium grade, sustainably sourced American Black Walnut from the Midwestern and Eastern United States. We proudly source our lumber from sustainably grown, domestic locations, so you know that you’re getting the best quality kiln dried hardwood. And we don’t just pick out the best lumber ourselves, either; we also custom arrange it to make a masterpiece you’ll be proud to put in your home.

Beautiful. A favorite of many homeowners and furniture collectors, Walnut’s rich, natural tones make it a perfect selection for those seeking an elegant design for their kitchens. We filter out the cream, gray, and yellow colored sapwood in the Walnut almost entirely for a very attractive and uniform colored look. There is still a bit of variation in the Walnut’s Heartwood, which is the darker colored part of the tree as pictured.

Functional. Our end grain walnut countertops aren’t just gorgeous, they are also perfect for food prep. All of our end grain butcher block countertops are made with squares of solid hardwood in end cut orientation, which makes them a great choice for using fine knives and chopping. The end grain up orientation acts as a “catch and release” mechanism on the knife, keeping it sharper longer. You'll see less distressing over time, too. The end grain butcher block distresses slower under knife pressure than any other style of butcher block countertop. This feature makes end grain the preferred option over edge grain butcher block countertops when heavy/frequent chopping is involved. For added food safety, all our countertops are conditioned with a mineral oil and beeswax finish, so that you can prepare any meal with peace of mind.


Reviews (3)


Written by Jennifer on Oct 22, 2015

The butcher block counter top is absolutely beautiful. And when the builder incorrectly measured the first piece, Joe was extremely helpful in getting a second piece made as quickly and smoothly as possible. Thank you!!

4" Thick End Grain Walnut Table Top

Written by Jeff M. (Houston) on Mar 26, 2014

...absolutely stunning -- better than I imagined. Having found either good craftsman or good customer service, but rarely both, dealing with you has been an absolute pleasure. From the initial contact and the prompt and patient responses to emails, to the on-time delivery of the well packaged final product, the experience has been one of thoughtfulness and integrity. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the very near future.

the work of a true artist

Written by mary on Mar 15, 2014

Joe made a custom-size end grain walnut butcher block top for a piece I had in my kitchen. And...a custom cutting board in the same. He is delightful to deal with, answers all your questions and delivers a fabulous product on time. I am now having him make a cutting board as a wedding present for a friend's daughter. I would recommend him highly for his craftsmanship.


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