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Searching for the ideal kitchen island countertop that will withstand your knives and provide the food prep and cooking characteristics you need? The End Grain Rustic Walnut Butcher Block Countertop from Armani Fine Woodworking is the perfect combination of these characteristics and more. Made with care, quality, and your needs in mind, this end cut butcher block countertop is exquisitely made from the inside out. Skip the premade countertops and make a statement with our sturdy and custom-made-to-order butcher block countertops.

Stunning Beauty: Your end grain Rustic Walnut countertop is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen. We hand select a mix of the dark walnut heartwood (older inside part of the tree) and the lighter walnut sapwood (younger outside part of the tree) to showcase the full color spectrum of the Walnut tree within your countertop.

Quality You Can Count On: Don’t fret, hardwood aficionados. Our wood is hand-selected by us at sustainable sources, and then perfected in our shop in Denver, Colorado. We custom arrange the wood to create a stately piece that you will be proud to put in your home. This premium grade hardwood is grown throughout the Midwestern and Eastern United States and kiln-dried domestically.

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