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Premium Quality, Custom-Crafted Wood Countertops

Armani Fine Woodworking has been hand-crafting high-quality solid wood countertops since 2012. It is our goal to provide a stunningly beautiful piece, custom designed to match your style and fit easily into your home and your family. 

For that very reason, we highly recommend that you purchase a sample so you can test the color of the wood in your space. Everything from the lighting to the surrounding colors and finishes will impact how you perceive the tone and depth of the wood.

It is similarly important to check out the particular finish that is best suited to your needs, because that will impact the sheen, texture and even color of the piece. We encourage you to treat it as you would your new counter or table top - see if your favorite foods will result in stains, or if your usual use will result in unacceptable wear and tear.

Please keep in mind that organic products may have natural variations. These variations are normal and add depth and character to the product. Other factors such as age and exposure to light can further alter the appearance of the piece.

Sample sizes vary, but are usually about 6" square.

American Black Walnut

American Black Walnut is popular for its rich chocolate tones and ability to complement other colors. Hard, tightly grained and durable, it is an ideal choice for butcher block counters in your kitchen or butler's pantry. Walnut's dark color will mellow over time to a complex milk chocolate color. The warm contrast with white countertops, and its striking color and grain, make it a stylish and welcoming accent when used as a bar top or butcher block island.

Walnut butcherblock, close up, heartwood only

Armani Fine Woodworking's artisan woodworkers carefully select only the dark heartwood and color match each board to ensure consistency across all the pieces in your order. If you have a piece you want to match or need a specific color tone, contact our design team for assistance.

Edge Grain Butcher Block

We build our edge grain butcher block with premium quality, full-length boards turned on their edge so that the vertical grain is visible. Our artisan woodworkers hand-select each board and arrange each piece to highlight the natural beauty of the wood and minimize uneven variation in wood tones.

Walnut butcher block counter top, even color distribuiton

Edge grain butcher block is a durable choice for bakers, chefs, and anyone in need of a functional wooden countertop. Traditionally, the best woods for butcher block countertops were maple for its hardness, walnut for its stain resistance and cherry for its warm color tones.

Custom Butcher Block Countertop Details and Finishes

We are committed to providing you with a high quality, finished product that is customized to your needs and ready for easy installation in your space.

The best finish for butcher block countertops will depend on how you intend to use it.

  • If you plan to chop on it, we recommend a food-grade finish like mineral oil or tung oil.
  • If you are looking for a low-maintenance finish, our food-safe acrylic polyurethane is highly resistant to water, stains and surface scratches. We recommend this as the best finish for wood countertops with a sink or cooktop.
  • Finally, Rubio Monocoat's hard wax oil is a natural, plant-based and food-safe sealant that enhances the natural look and feel of the wood, and offers easy maintenance and repair.

We encourage you to research the options in our finish guide.

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