Armani Fine Woodworking products are covered by a lifetime limited warranty that protects against any manufacturer defect or workmanship error. Please contact us at (720) 414-1393 or email us at support@amanifinewoodworking.com for any piece requiring repair under warranty at no cost to you.

 Manufacturer defects are as follows:

  • Glue joint separation
  • Pronounced warping & bowing
  • Pieces not cut to order specifications

 Items not covered by our warranty:

  • End grain pieces
  • Unfinished pieces
  • Pieces used or installed outdoors

 Similarly, we can not warranty pieces that have experienced:

  • Chemical damage as a result of cleaners
  • Shallow warping, scratches, or dents (unless caused during shipping; see Shipping Guidelines for details)
  • Failures resulting from inadequate support upon installation

 The warranty is void if:

  • The piece was cut or modified in any way after leaving our shop
  • There was a failure to follow installation instructions
  • The finish has been altered
  • The sink was not caulked (if applicable)

Your top and its longevity are a reflection of the care it is provided, so it is strongly recommended that you read the installation & maintenance literature on our website.

Note: Solid wood products expand and contract over time, and so it is essential that your piece be installed according to our detailed instructions. Even when finished and installed properly, wood may check or crack. This can be due to environmental or care conditions, or are latent issues that are not considered manufacturing defects since we have no control over each piece of wood’s inherent tendencies. While we use the highest quality products and tools available to prevent these failures from occurring, there is still risk similar to any other natural product.

We stand by our service and are always willing to help guide you through what we may consider to be the best process of correcting any issue that arises. Should it ever be needed, Armani Fine Woodworking offers the option of having a piece no longer covered by warranty refinished at the customer’s expense.

Armani Fine Woodworking is not responsible for any issues with fit and finish caused by any movement or reinstallation of cabinetry or any pertinent items after templating.

As a manufacturer, we cannot be responsible for final dimensions unless provided a proper countertop template. Additionally, all order specifications are the responsibility of the customer to verify prior to order agreement.

Please contact us if you are in need of a replacement piece, and we may discuss the options available to you.