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Classic beauty. Rich Warmth. Practical Durability. With the Walnut Tabletop from Armani Fine Woodworking, you can have all three and more. A lovely addition to any workspace, dining room, or other area of your home, this tabletop will create a gorgeous visual centerpiece while providing a durable area to eat, play, and enjoy the company of family and friends. No matter what purpose you have in mind for your new tabletop, you will surely be satisfied with your order.

Quality Woodworking You Can Trust. We are committed to weaving the finest craftsmanship, top-notch quality and attention to detail into our woodworking process from end to end. At Armani Fine Woodworking our Walnut lumber is hand selected and custom arranged by hand, and proudly sourced from sustainably grown, domestic locations. The Walnut Tabletop features the heartwood of the Walnut tree, with deep, rich colors and just a touch of the younger, lighter sapwood.

Custom made for you. All of our products are custom made to order, and can be tailored to a host of different size needs and specifications. Have an awkward space? We can custom cut your tabletop so it will fit. We also have Monocoat, and Everlast Satin Varnish finish options to choose from depending on your design preferences and finish needs. Show off your personal style with a tabletop that reflects your taste.

Built to Last. Apart from the quality, safety, and personalization of this tabletop, you can also count on its durability and longevity. We build products to last with only the best quality kiln dried hardwood we can find. We put everything together in our shop near Denver, Colorado. Skip the veneered and faux tops and get a solid Walnut tabletop that lasts.

Maintenance You Can Manage. The care and keeping of a high-quality tabletop like ours is easier than you might think. Simply check out our care and maintenance instructions to learn the best practices for maintaining your purchase once it arrives to your home. There we have step-by-step guides for taking care of each finish option so that you can make sure your tabletop looks beautiful for years to come.

Walnut Tabletop Features at a glance:

  • Walnut Tabletop made from Solid American Black Walnut
  • Grown, Sustainably Sourced and Handmade in the USA
  • Full Length Walnut Planks
  • Customize & Order Online
  • Wide Plank Width from 3" to 6.5"

Not in the Denver area? No problem! We ship nationwide.

Still have questions? Stop by the Armani Fine Woodworking FAQ section to get the scoop on care, installation, maintenance, quotes, shipping and more.

Or, contact us to get started discussing your custom order with us. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Customer satisfaction.

Written by Alex on Jun 05, 2019

A+ They really take the time and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction with beautiful craftsmanship to each product.


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