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If you are looking for a wood countertop that will add a touch of classic beauty and rich warmth to your kitchen or other space, look no further than the Walnut Butcher Block Countertop from Armani Fine Woodworking. American Black Walnut will add classic beauty and warmth to your kitchen with deep brown tones and flowing, unique wood grain. Walnut is a perfect choice for family gatherings and cooking sessions. It makes an extraordinary kitchen centerpiece. Whether you are gathering your family for a special occasion, hosting a party or event, or just using the countertop for everyday purposes, you will surely be pleased with the quality and beauty of this countertop.

It all starts with choosing the right wood, and finishing it to perfection. The Walnut Butcher Block Countertop features the heartwood of the Walnut tree, with deep, rich colors and only a hint of the younger, lighter sapwood. We hand select this Black Walnut lumber, and custom arrange it to create a beautiful and elegant countertop that will be a perfect centerpiece to show off in your kitchen. Our countertops are made from full length strips of hardwood, which show off the wood’s beautiful continuous grain throughout the length of the countertop, and don’t rely on short pieces or blended style tops.

Our small shop takes the time and care necessary to make your butcher block countertop not only beautiful, but functional as well. All of our products are custom made to order, and can be adapted in many ways to your desired specifications. For instance, we condition our countertops with Mineral Oil and Organic Beeswax finish to make them food safe, so that you can prepare food on them with peace of mind. We also have Monocoat and Everlast Satin Varnish finishing options to choose from as well, depending on the exact specifications for your home.

Plus, the edge grain Walnut kitchen island top makes it extra durable for chopping, making food prep a breeze. Whether you are looking to make a kitchen island, tabletop, or countertop that pop, this Walnut Butcher Block Countertop will do exactly what you need.

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