Monocoat Tannin Remover - 125ml

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Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover is a ready-to-use product that effectively removes black spots and stains from wood. 

These black spots are caused by a reaction to the tannin that is naturally found in wood and water and tend to occur when wood comes into contact with moisture and metal.

Rubio Monocoat Tannin Remover is formulated for fast and effective removal of spots and discoloration without causing damage to the wood.


  1. Spray RMC Tannin Remover on the spot or stain. 
  2. Allow several minutes for absorption. 
  3. Use a damp cloth to remove the stain.
  4. To remove stubborn stains, it is recommended to repeat the process until the desired result is achieved. 
  5. Allow the surface area to dry. 
  6. If the protective layer is affected: treat the surface area again with Oil Plus 2C in your original finish color.

We highly recommend that you first test the product on a non-visible part of the wood, to test the effect of the product on your specific wood type.

We are not responsible for any consequences due to incorrect use.

The product can be stored for up to 24 months. Store in dry conditions and in the original packaging. Do not allow to freeze. 

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