Overhang Guidelines


Your butcher block countertop may require additional supports depending on how far it will extend past the base that supports it. The purpose of these supports is to prevent splitting, cracking, or warping. There are two directions in which this may occur, either on the sides or the ends. Regardless of direction, if your counter will require additional support, you’ll want to be sure to install those no more than 12” from each edge and no more than 24” apart (on center).

Side Overhang

  • For side overhangs like pictured below, you’ll want to factor in supports once your overhang reaches about 8-10” from the edge of your base. These supports should start no more than 12” from each edge and be spaced 24” or less apart.

End Overhang

  • For end overhangs you’ll want to factor in supports once you have max 15-18” extending from the end of your base. You’ll want to space these supports in the same way as side overhangs; 12” or less from each edge & 24” or less apart.


If you have any questions regarding the nature of your project or would like to inquire about our support options, please feel welcome to reach out to one of our designers for more details.