Everlast Satin Varnish Care Guide

Everlast Satin Varnish is our lowest maintenance and most durable finish.

Cleaning: The best way to clean and maintain your Everlast Satin Varnish finish is with a water/vinegar mix in a spray bottle. - Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and off-the-shelf store bought cleaners because these can wear down the finish over time.

Polishing: Nearly any type of furniture polish will work well on this finish. Our preferred treatment over this finish is Danish oil (we use the Watco brand) because the resins in Danish Oil add strength to the finish. Danish Oil also gives the finish a nice, low sheen glow. Danish oil has a bit of an odor when applied, so it's best to wait until you won't need the room for 1 day before using Danish oil to polish your countertop.