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When you combine beautiful wood with quality craftsmanship from sustainably sourced hardwood lumber forest, what do you get? The White Oak Butcher Block Countertop from Armani Fine Woodworking: a countertop with classic style and excellent durability. Fans of cooking and entertaining alike will enjoy the many unique elements of our countertops, from beauty to functionality and longevity.

Starting by choosing the best lumber to finishing it to perfection, we focus on quality. That’s why our White Oak Butcher Block Countertop features premium grade, sustainably sourced White Oak from the Eastern and Central United States. Not only do we hand select this lumber, but we also custom arrange it to create a beautiful and personalized centerpiece for your home. No short pieces or blended style tops here. We build our countertops with full length strips of hardwood to best display the wood’s gorgeous continuous grain throughout.

You’re in good company with a White Oak Countertop, too. White Oak is a very durable hardwood with classic beauty that has been used in the US since colonial times. Not to be confused with Red Oak, White Oak is straight grained with a sturdiness that makes it ideal for wood countertops, kitchen island countertops, furniture, and more. We primarily utilize the White Oak’s light and medium brown heartwood, but also include a little of the creamy white colored sapwood for natural look, color variation, and beauty. Edge Grain White Oak often looks similar to Quartersawn White Oak and showcases the wood’s Medullary Rays throughout the countertop.

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