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Few countertops can combine the beauty, quality, and functionality loved by culinarians. The End Grain Cherry Butcher Block Countertop from Armani Fine Woodworking manages to merge those characteristics and more into a chopping-friendly wood countertop with beautiful, functional appeal. The food safe qualities that make it a perfect place for preparing a meal. This end cut Cherry countertop can be custom made for you and shipped to your doorstep.

Start at the Source: From hand selecting premium grade kiln dried Cherry hardwood lumber, to arranging it to your desired specifications, to putting all the finishing touches in place, we prioritize quality from start to finish in all of our products. The End Grain Cherry Butcher Block Countertop is no exception.

Capture the Color: Spoiler alert –- Cherry hardwood is a favorite for many kitchen owners, and for good reason. Its classic tone, sturdiness, durability, and rich color make it a natural choice for furniture throughout the home. We filter out the cream colored sapwood in the Cherry almost entirely for a very attractive and uniform colored Cherry look. There is still some variation in the Cherry’s Heartwood, which is the darker colored part of the tree as pictured. When you receive your End Grain Cherry Butcher Block Countertop, it will be lighter than pictured here and will darken several shades to the color pictured over over the first year.

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