Pure Tung Oil Care Guide


Surfaces finished with tung oil are very easy to maintain. Like any surface, you may use a dry microfiber cloth or lint-free rag for light cleaning.

For deeper cleaning, use mild soap diluted in warm water or 1-2 oz. of vinegar diluted into 1 gallon of water. Avoid harsh chemicals, baking soda, strong solvents, or wood cleaners to reduce the deterioration of your finish and prevent any residue buildup.



While tung oil has been used for centuries due to it’s deep penetrating and long-lasting finish, with repeated use your surface will eventually need a pick me up. Fortunately, that process is quick and will get you back to your normal daily routine in no time:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly. If using water, allow the surface to dry overnight before applying your maintenance coat(s)
  2. We recommend using The Real Milk Paint’s Half & Half blend for easy maintenance, but if buying their Pure Tung Oil & Natural Citrus Solvent separately, you will need to first make a 1:1 blend of solvent to tung oil. Thinning your pure tung oil makes it easier for the blend to penetrate the mostly sealed surface by finding any open wood fibers and/or pores
  3. Using a clean, lint-free rag, begin wiping on a thin coat of your blend. Ensure there is not a buildup of product before applying the next coat or you may begin to see oil “mountains” form.
  4. After about 30 minutes, wipe off any excess mix that has not absorbed with a dry rag
  5. Avoid use for 24hrs to allow the thin coat(s) to dry. The maintenance coat(s) may take up to 30 days to fully cure, so we recommend avoiding heavy use or exposing the finish to puddling liquids for the first 7-14 days. Similarly, the finish should be allowed to “breathe” during the curing process so that excess oil may seep out if needed. If this occurs, simply wipe away with a clean rag.
  6. That’s it! Continue to enjoy your beautiful butcherblock top.



If you have any questions about the maintenance schedule for your top, feel welcome to reach out to one of our staff. In general, additional coats will be needed between 6 months and 1 year from receiving your top, depending on use. You may note the difference in wear on your top to recognize when another coat is needed. Similarly, if you notice that water is no longer beading on the surface and is instead penetrating the finish, we recommend following the above maintenance instructions.



Your order was finished using The Real Milk Paint’s pure tung oil and orange citrus solvent. Should you wish to maintain your surface with the same products, you may find those linked below:

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