Monocoat Care Guide


The Monocoat oil finish can be cleaned once fully cured - please assume seven days after shipment. Cleaning should only be done with the recommended Monocoat products.

The Monocoat products are perfect for maintaining your Monocoat finish once it is fully cured:

Restoration & Rejuvenation

Restoration or Rejuvenation is a simple process. Most residences will do a restoration between 3–6 years. Most commercial applications will do a restoration between 1-3 years. The time frame varies greatly based on abrasion and wear.

The products for this process:

Spot Repairs

Monocoat's bonding technology allows local touch up of damaged areas or scratches -

1. Sand the repair area with 120 grit sandpaper as needed to remove damage and expose raw wood.
2. Dampen the area with water. Allow to completely dry.
3. Apply with a cotton cloth, the same color oil that was used originally to coat the countertop.
4. Let it react for 10 minutes. Wipe the excess oil off with a cloth, dampened with Monocoat Oil.

For repairing minor scratches, follow the above instructions but skip sanding.
Monocoat 2C A & B Oil available here -


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