Materials and Safety

The only other Materials we use in making your butcher block are all food safe:

1.Food Grade Mineral oil - This is the critical ingredient for taking care of your butcher block over time. We apply 3 coats in shop so it's ready to use when you receive. We also recommend that you apply more within 1 week of receiving your top. Food grade mineral oil is the perfect oil for butcher blocks because it has no expiration date. Other oils will expire and go rancid, so it's recommended that you only use food grade mineral oil on your butcher block.

2. Butcher Block Conditioner with Organic Beeswax - this is our food safe butcher block conditioner. It's a great seal coat over your food grade mineral oil finish and will keep your butcher block more fully conditioned for a longer period of time.

3. Titebond III Wood Glue - FDA Approved and Waterproof


That's the complete list. Hopefully this is helpful!