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Your kitchen island countertop is a the centerpiece of your kitchen. Not only is it the spot you rely on for food prep and serving, but it’s also a space to show off at gatherings in your home. When selecting the right countertop for your kitchen, you want to know that you can get exactly what you are looking for with proven quality, style, and longevity. With Armani Fine Woodworking, you get all three and more.

High Quality, Beautiful Wood. When you order a countertop from Armani Fine Woodworking, you know that you’re getting the best hand-selected lumber from sustainable sources throughout the United States. The selection of wood for our Calico Hickory Countertop is no exception. We source our Hickory lumber from the Southern and Southeastern United States, and custom arrange it to make a sturdy and reliable wide plank wood countertop. With the full color spectrum of the Hickory tree’s natural brown, cream, and yellow tones, you will be sure to impress with a Calico Hickory Wood Countertop.

Making it Personal. Your kitchen countertop should show off your unique style and flair. That’s why we custom make our products for each and every customer so that you are sure to be satisfied with your purchase. Whether we’re tailoring the countertop to your kitchen’s sizing dimensions, adding a finish, or otherwise customizing your order, you’ll be sure to get a countertop built just for you.

Practical Use. Countertops aren’t just for looking at; they fill an important role in your kitchen. Wide plank countertops are great for general food prep, but its wavy face grain is not the top choice for heavy chopping and dicing (for that, we suggest butcher block countertops). When we finish it with our natural shop-made mineral oil and organic beeswax finish you know it's 100% food safe.

Built to Last. Getting a new countertop for your kitchen is an investment, and we are committed to making sure you get your money’s worth with our products. With Hickory wood’s natural durability combined with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can count on this countertop for many years to come.

Easy to Maintain. Our wood countertops are easy to maintain. To make extra sure you’re taking the proper steps to clean, polish, and maintain your countertop, stop by our care and maintenance guides for the lowdown on your countertop’s cleaning needs.

Calico Hickory Countertop Features At a Glance

  • Hickory Countertop made from Premium Wide Planks of Calico Hickory
  • Grown, Sustainably Sourced and Handmade in the USA
  • Full Length Planks
  • Customize & Order Online
  • Wide Plank Width from 3" to 6"

Our shop is located here in Denver, Colorado –– the place we call paradise –– but we can ship anywhere in the 48 United States.

Ready to buy? Just browsing? Have some more questions? Stop by the Armani Fine Woodworking FAQ section to learn everything your need to know about Armani Fine Woodworking countertops, care, installation, shipping, and more.

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