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Bring a striking, exotic look to your kitchen with the African Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop from Armani Fine Woodworking. Whether you’re a lover of cooking or a big fan of hosting special events in your home, this kitchen island countertop will add visual appeal and also provide functionality you are looking for. Wow the visitors to your home and your family members alike with this unique choice for your countertops.

Our dedication to quality is present throughout the entire woodworking process: we begin at sustainably-sourced locations to hand-select these pieces of lumber, then custom arrange them to create a beautiful and personalized wood countertop that you’ll be sure to love. All of our products are made to order for each and every one of our customers: from our studio to your kitchen.

You want a hardwood countertop that stands out from the rest. The African Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop is a great pick for those looking for a wood with unique character. It has a range of red, reddish-brown, and salmon tones, which give it a natural glow that sets it apart from other hardwood and darkens a number of shades over time. No two pieces of this wood are the same, so you can be sure your countertop is one-of-a-kind. Plus, we don’t rely on short pieces or blended style tops; we use full length strips of hardwood to best display the wood’s beautiful continuous grain.

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